15 Minute Shorts

Todays 15 minute short is about loss and change. Meet Clara and discover why her heart is broken, build on where and what she is going to do in the comment section and be apart of a story that surely has happiness in the end for her....right?

Part 2 of the 3 Object Challenge

The first part of the challenge made you really think out of the box, this time, you are about to create new boxes. Are you up you up to the challenge? 

Short Story Sunday-on Monday: Gone

When someone disappears, what happens? Why are they taken? Use your own imagination this week to be the abductor, or the abductee and delve into their thoughts, the why's and hows. Your 15 minsutes is about to start, are you up for the challenge?

Character Inspiration Weekly: two

Adam is a lonely boy with a big heart for those he loves. With blinders on his genius turns off when it comes to standing up for his sister who always is in trouble. This seemingly boring character needs yoru help to "come alive" on the pages. Are you up to the weekly challenge? 

Short Story Sundays

Careful to step over the pool of seemingly black blood on the carpet, she snatched the money from the counter in one hand and threw her backpack over her shoulder with the other. Turning the brass knob and heading out into the night, the crisp autumn air slapped her broken face once more and whipped her auburn hair as she gently closed the door behind her.  Taking a shaky breath she pulled her hoodie over her head and with but one regret, she left. "Never again," she whispered into the night as the darkness embraced her and she disappeared.

Character Inspiration Weekly: one

Character Inspirations are weekly posts meant to inspire your creativity. Challenge you with certain perimeters and get you to write. Great for overcoming writer's block and those down moments. Take a character inspiration and write a short story, a long story or 3 sentences. WHatever gets you motivated to keep on going! 

Character Inspiration Weekly: one