Jessica Edler
Jessica Edler
Photographer. Author. Dreamer.

Hi. I'm Jess. Well, I'm Jessie if you grew up with me in NJ, "Jersey Jess" if you are a part of the first groups of friends I made after moving to Long Island. Or, it's simply Jess these days. I grew up in mostly small towns in New Jersey, and spent the later teen years into the beginning of my 20's on Long Island before falling in love and moving to Connecticut then later to Florida. 

Writing has always been the go to safety net of my heart. It started with poetry in Voorhees High School with Mrs. Harrod, an A, and reading a poem I wrote in front of the entire school while shaking uncontrollably at the podium. I was 15 and I dreamed of being a published poet and began submitting poems to It's not the same as it used to be, but you can still find my poems there in the archives

Never once did I think I would be a children's book author and still am smiling that it was my children that inspired me to pursue that dream and push for it. In the process of writing more books than I can remember right now, my goal is to find a publisher who is interested in the ideas I have, to inspire others to write and go after their dreams, and simply be a good person. 

I'd love to hear from you and what your thoughts are on my writings which you'll find some of on the blog soon or really anything. Thanks for stopping by.

Always with Love,