Valentine's Day Gift Ideas-The Naughtier List

So Valentine's day. You may have found yourself over here from the Nice List, or stumbled upon us from google. Curiosity got the best of you huh? What could be on this naughty list? Well you are about to find out. Valentines day while a lot of times its all about the romance, sometimes, it can be a bit more lively than that. Let's see how we can spice up your valentine's day and make everyone a winner. 

Everyone needs to shower before their hot date right? So lets start there with, The shower basket. Included you will put her favorite bath supplies and scented candles. Maybe its bath bombs from LUSH, and a full array of complimentary products, maybe its simply vanilla flavored things. Regardless, next you spice it up, and I am not talking with pepper. Get dirty with body paints first and throw in one of these dual locking suction handles (bonus points for the matching foot rest) and catch her off guard along with this cheap and fun game set for you both to play. 

Now its time for dinner course. Yes you can go out, but what if you set the table and the mood with music while your partner is in the kitchen just an are in just undies too by the way. No touching allowed until after dinner is over! (Yep, that is the catch.) Why? because that is the fun part, the wait. Remember when you first started dating and couldn't get your hands off each other? Well, here is a way to get that back. You have to have some self control to get through the meal, but play time after will certainly be fun. Was that too much to kick off the gift ideas? Maybe, it was more like a date, but the gift there is the fun and enjoying each other's company. Its a great and pretty cheap way to celebrate. and everyone wins.

Lets take these gift ideas out of the kitchen, and put them in one of my favorite things, a basket. (I love putting things together in a basket for gifts so bare with me folks.) 

The next basket up for you to make is the massage basket. You aren't a professional masseuse is my guess but that is ok. Put a basket of special oils and candles with scents that compliment each other use this one that turns into oil as it melts for some added fun for the senses-just don't kill the mood with too much. Need to know what aromas work best? Check out this list of scents that will help set the mood.  Also include a book like The infamous Art of Sensual Massage and proceed to actually massage your love accordingly. Great for many future uses and many future evenings of fun and both of you can be the masseuse so everyone is happy! I wonder what happens if you include this contraption into your massage....I am guessing some smiles for sure.

The gift of lingerie is fun and sexy. Giving the gift of something so personal, and so intimate is sure to start your evening off right, and maybe end it that way too when she slips into it! *cross your fingers the restaurant doesn't mess up dinner!* With your lingerie purchase include music to enjoy later, it can be her favorite bands latest or a sensual collection to get creative with.  

Coupon books. I know i mentioned them on the nice list, but that was PG, these coupon books now, deserve to be a bit more naughty. While someone else doing the dishes and cooking dinner is a treat, a coupon for a night all about her is also a win. yes you can take that how you want to. Get creative and keep in mind your partners turn on points and favorite things when creating it. If you want to make it a combo deal, throw in some sexy dice . These can be very fun so roll and see where it lands you, or even a  regular deck of cards and explain whatever the card game is you choose, leads to removing clothes. poker being a perfect one, but war is easy and every time some looses a 'war' they remove a piece of clothing. simple right. 

This list could literally go on and on, but in the end, they all generally lead to the same exclamation point of fun for you both. Combine ideas from the nice list with this one to really give your partner a romantic and ridiculously sexy valentine's day! Oh, and don't forget the card (hand made or store bought, you have to write something sweet in it. Thats an "unbreakable" rule.)