Jessica Edler
Jessica Edler
Photographer. Author. Dreamer.

Stories for Children Inspired by Children

Jessica writes stories inspired by her children and the many adventures issues and simply creative things that happen through out her daily life. While she holds onto many stories and writes constantly, she believes that kid's stories should have images. With that said, she has just published the first story and invites you to read it with your children to put a smile on their face, and yours!


Follow Derek the dinosaur through a day with hiccups. With some great advice from friends, and a little help from his parents, he hopes to be rid of them soon. A Dinosaur can't have hiccups forever...right?


Coming Soon

Bat and Owl Take Flight

A stand alone story of two new friends that are different, helping each other. 


Breanna and Lamby: Enchanted Adventures

Breanna and Lamby are the best of friends who love adventure. Journey through the magical world in which they visit. Make new friends, overcome obstacles and fall in love with the series over and over again.