Jessica Edler
Jessica Edler
Photographer. Author. Dreamer.

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Between the 15 children's stories she is currently writing and looking for an author to illustrate, you will find Jessica writing her Young Adult sci fi fantasy novels. Read about them below.

The Mother

A short story, a "half", if you will, that gives a better understanding of the Mother in the Fae Sisters story line. Her origin, the why she is how she is, and an introduction to the sorts of evil that will be seen in the preceding books.

The Fae Sisters

The world isn't a safe place to be different these days. When the super natural came out to humans it disrupted everything. The fear of being over powered sent the humans into kill mode to protect themselves. Weekly witch burning combined with the occasional vampire staked to a cross and roasted in the sun, the world is an especially dark place. The sisters must over come not only their own obstacles to survive but come together to save the very world out to destroy them and all like them. There is only one safe place, and they don't even know it exists.

TDB-Mature Audience

Rori is an average girl with a secret she holds close to her heart. She is fae. The fae realm was destroyed soon after she was born and she was taken to the human realm to survive. She has grown hidden among humans and barely recognizes the fae in her. Now as her 18th birthday approaches,time stops for Rori. Her life is changed in ways she never dreamed. Secrets are revealed, her heart is broken and she will be forced to make a choice. Protect her life as she knew it with the new wisdom granted with an unexpected ally, or take on the shadows hunting her, both in reality and in her dreams. 

This book has some very steamy scenes not appropriate for a younger audience!