Jessica Edler
Jessica Edler
Photographer. Author. Dreamer.

Published Words

Though just getting started "officially in the writing world, and leaving her mark, you can already find one of her books (Dinosaur Hiccups)on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble Online. She is starting the process to try and get her book on the store shelves, and has begun looking for publishers for the children's series she is working on featuring a girl and her stuffed lamb and their many adventures. She also has 6 Adult SciFi novels in the works and can't wait to get the first draft finished. Peek back here to see where she ends up next!

Published Art

Between her conceptual art work and boudoir images, you may have seen Jessica Edler's work in a gallery or in a magazine near you! Featured in multiple magazines and galleries across the country, You can see some of the press she has received in the last few years. She has also been published in Philosophie in multiple issues with multiple writings as well as images. Also in The Fine Art Portrait Photography Guild for an article along side multiple images seen below.